Vertebrate Projects

Hello Snow Day! If you are working on your project from home or the library, I commend you! Get as much done as possible. Keep going, get it done, and email it to me.

If you are freaking out because we are home from school, calm down. There will be an extension. If we have ROAR on whatever day we return to school, please make plans to be there. It will be difficult for me to schedule computer time so this is your best bet. Also, plan on spending time in the library during lunch, this is your second best bet. I am working on other possibilities.

Be safe on the roads. Enjoy some time at home. If you have SOLs consider studying or looking up practice questions on Jefferson Lab.

Please read all of today's goals from start to finish.

Goal 1. If you think you are done with your final project, grab your green sheet and re-read the original questions. Did you answer all of them completely? You also need to have your project proofread. Be sure to proofread slide titles.

Goal 2. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, please email your final project to MsJ. In your email, please write a note that says whether your project is complete or incomplete.

FINAL PROJECTS ARE DUE MONDAY DECEMBER 9TH BY 7PM. The P Computer Lab will be open if we have ROAR. The Library WILL be open during lunch. Nothing is available after Tuesday because of SOL testing.

Really Good Resources - Check to see if your vertebrate is included
-Monterey Bay Aquarium
-Animal Diversity Web
-Check out FLMNH Biological Profiles! (Sharks/Fish)
-A whole pile of good websites

Download the powerpoint HERE.

Computer Lab Etiquette

You are in the computer lab to do work for this class. If you are not doing work, then we will have problems.

Do not pack up early. Work until the bell or until MsJ says.

SAVE OFTEN. And if you save to a key, also save it to your number. If you lose it, you will have to do it again.

If MsJ asks for your attention, stop what you are doing and listen to what she has to say.

You may watch videos about your organism through reliable websites.

You may listen to music through the computer if you have your own headphones. Rule1 MsJ cannot hear it. You get one warning. Rule2 Turn it on and listen – no million clicks and constant changing. Take both ear phones out when MsJ is talking.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plankton Nekton Benthos Review

Today we started class with a jump in reviewing plankton, nekton, benthos and consumer types. For notes today we talked about food pyramids, food chains, and food webs. We talked about who eats what and how many are needed to support top predators.

Because of the law of 10%, there are often tens of thousands of plants needed to inderectly support a top predator because the plants feed an herbivore, which feeds a consumer or two or three before reaching the top consumer. At each step, ninety percent of energy is lost or consumed and only ten percent is stored in tissues.

To review plankton, nekton, and benthos, students participated in a scooter relay sorting organisms into the categories.
Plankton = floating or drifting lifestyle
Nekton = swimming
Benthos = bottom dweller - attached or crawling

Everyone had to participate once... some folks were really into it like Brandon and Rick. Both teams ended up tied with one mistake - baby fish. I asked a representative from each time where they would put baby fish besides nekton, and Rick and the right side team correctly answered plankton. They received stickers for winning. After all the excitement, students finished the day by working on a food web worksheet.

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