Final Projects

You do not need to print your final project for me. It is a waste of paper.
My email address is
PART A - regular email and how to attach a file
PART B- if you have downloaded material (like videos) in your powerpoint

§         Open your email (whatever it is - school gtest (preferable), yahoo, hotmail, aol) like you are going to send me an email. Under "TO:" put in my email address. For the subject, please put your name.
§         Somewhere in that area there should be an option for attachments or adding files. Click on that (see a friend or me for help) and it should open to a window. Scan that window and find the BROWSE button.
§         Once you click on browse, pretend like you are opening your file - so scroll through to your number and find the file or folder or zipped file you need.
§         Click on it to select it and choose 'open.'
§         Then you need to make sure you actually attach it. Scan around find the 'attach' button and select it.
§         Write me a message if you wish and then send me the email. I will let you know as I receive them.
If you downloaded a video clip file to use in your powerpoint, here is what needs to happen:  
§         Your powerpoint and video files need to be in the same labeled folder
§         If you had to move files, check to make sure your video still works in the powerpoint.
§         Open 'my computer' and go to your number so you can see the folder that your files are saved in. Right click on the folder and choose "SEND TO"
§         Send it to the COMPRESSED FOLDER.
§         Your new folder will have the same name, but the icon will have a zipper on it. This is the file you need to email me.
§         For email instructions see above.

Computer Lab Etiquette

You are in the computer lab to do work for this class. If you are not doing work, then we will have problems.

Do not pack up early. Work until the bell or until MsJ says.

SAVE OFTEN. And if you save to a key, also save it to your number. If you lose it, you will have to do it again.

If MsJ asks for your attention, stop what you are doing and listen to what she has to say.

You may watch videos about your organism through reliable websites.

You may listen to music through the computer if you have your own headphones. Rule1 MsJ cannot hear it. You get one warning. Rule2 Turn it on and listen – no million clicks and constant changing. Take both ear phones out when MsJ is talking.