Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Baby sea turtles, hatchlings, have a very tough life. Mom digs a nest, deposits her eggs (about 100), and then leaves. She may lay eggs four to six times a season. The eggs are about the size of ping pong balls and a little more flexible (they have a ways to fall).

Later, the hatchlings have to fight their way out of the nest and through sand to the surface... and then make their way to the ocean. One of the biggest threats to hatchlings is photopollution. For more information about how lighting affects baby turtles, click here.

For other threats to Sea Turtles as hatchlings or as adults, check here or here

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shrimp vs. Turtles

We started discussing marine harvesting and fishing by talking about who harvests the most seafood (China), who eats the most seafood (China), and which people eat the most seafood pounds per person (the Maldives). Americans are about sixth on the list as far as consumption, but we are the number one consumer and importer of shrimp. Importing shrimp is damaging to the environment for two reasons.

1. Shrimp that are farmed in other countries are not as regulated as here in the states, so shrimp farm pollution is not as regulated and it damages coral reefs. Also many mangroves are cleared to build these farms.

2. US boats are required to have turtle excluder devices (TED) on trawl nets so that turtles do not get caught in shrimp nets and drown. Other countries do not regulate this and as a result catch and drown sea turtles.

To make a environmentally responsible seafood choices, choose shrimp that are farmed or caught in the US. For more sustainable seafood choices, check out Seafood Watch.

Computer Lab Etiquette

You are in the computer lab to do work for this class. If you are not doing work, then we will have problems.

Do not pack up early. Work until the bell or until MsJ says.

SAVE OFTEN. And if you save to a key, also save it to your number. If you lose it, you will have to do it again.

If MsJ asks for your attention, stop what you are doing and listen to what she has to say.

You may watch videos about your organism through reliable websites.

You may listen to music through the computer if you have your own headphones. Rule1 MsJ cannot hear it. You get one warning. Rule2 Turn it on and listen – no million clicks and constant changing. Take both ear phones out when MsJ is talking.